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2009 IOFS "Rookie of the Year"

Dane Laster is currently campaigning Outlaw Figure 8 cars in the IOFS (International Outlaw Figure 8 Series).  The IOFS is Outlaw Figure 8 series with very few rules.  These cars must weigh 2400 lbs., pass a safety inspection, run on racing gas, and run the Official IOFS 10 inch Hoosier racing tire.  Other than that the rules are pretty wide open allowing for some serious horsepower and radical bodies.  If you have never seen and IOFS race, you don't know what you are missing.

The New Look for 2011 partnering with and

A front view of the new 2011 look with sponsorship assistance from Don Payne Inc.

Dane "Bartman" Laster in the pits at the Plymouth Speedway.

  Here is a video of Dane "Bartman" Laster's crash at Anderson on 9/05/2009
If you have never seen a figure 8 race, this will give you some idea what it is about.
The crash is towards the end of the video.

Here is another video of the same crash, but at a little different angle.
  The crash footage is at the end of this video too.

Chris Green (#22) and Dane "Bartman" Laster racing side by side at Plymouth Speedway.

Dane "Bartman" Laster at speed at Plymouth Speedway.

Rich Boals (#22) and Dane "Bartman" Laster race side by side at Plymouth Speedway.

Figure 8 racing is a contact sport.

Dane "Bartman" Laster, Doug Grieg (#33) and Casey White (#41) go 3 wide at the Anderson Speedway.

Press Releases
Fri, 11 Jun 2010 22:03:02 -0400

Jun 11, 2010 07:03PM

Columbus, Ohio figure 8 race!

June 12th, Columbus, Ohio, Dane Laster will debut the special at the Columbus Speedway. Laster races in the IOFS (International Outlaw Figure 8 Series). This will be the first figure 8 race of it's kind at the Columbus Speedway. For more information on go to ...http://blackenedtanninglotions .com/ or .

Apr 27, 2010 01:46PM

World Figure 8 Tour

Press Release It is official. Dane Bartman Laster is going to race Friday night April 30th at the Indianapolis Speedrome in the 100 lap World Figure 8 Tour. Racing begins at 6:45 PM. While Laster considers the Speedrome his hometrack, this will be the 2009 IOFS Rookie of the Year first race in the Outlaw Latemodel cars at the Speedrome. Crew Chief Kenny Raney has made some major changes to the car since the 7th place run at Anderson on April 10th. According to the team the car should be a lot more competitive than it has in the past.

*Unless noted otherwise all pictures are from David Sink